Private Well Water and Health

private well water and health

Drinking water quality is an important public health issue because contamination in a single system can expose many people at once. People can be exposed to contaminants in drinking water by

  • drinking the water,
  • eating foods prepared with the water,
  • breathing water droplets or chemicals released from the water while showering, or
  • absorbing chemicals through their skin while washing.

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The groundwater that supplies a water well can become contaminated through natural processes and human related activities. In addition, Iowa is made up of unique geological settings that can create special construction, maintenance, and water testing needs.

Even if you believe that your well water is safe to drink, it's important to periodically sample and test your water to assess any health related concerns. The information you receive from the test will help you make informed decisions on well maintenance and water treatment. It will also help you determine if you need to call a certified well contractor or seek an alternative source of drinking water.