Annual Laryngeal Cancer Incidence Data

Annual cancer incidence measures can be used to identify trends and patterns of cancer incidence over time. Annual measures are only available at the state level. County level cancer incidence measures are available as five year aggregate data.

Measure Description:

  • The Cancer Count is the number of newly diagnosed malignant cancers.
  • The Crude Rate (Per 100K) is the rate of newly diagnosed malignant cancers per 100,000 population
  • The Age Adjusted Rate (Per 100K) is the age adjusted rate of newly diagnosed malignant cancers per 100,000 population. Age adjustment to the 2000 Standard US Census is done to allow direct comparison of rates in counties and state with different population age distributions.

As part of the February 2023 update the Cancer Data source was updated to come directly from the State Health Registry of Iowa, Iowa Cancer Registry. The new data source allows data to be published with a shorter delay from the prior National SEER Data source. Due to this change the measures published for 2000-2016 may be slightly different than previously available.

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