Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Data

HPV vaccination rates in Iowa continue to increase. The HPV vaccination coverage for adolescents age 13-15 years includes series initiation (series has not been completed) and series completion and. These data can identify trends and patterns in immunization coverage over time and in different geographic areas. The year selected in the visualization will include children that were 13-15 years old in that year. For example, the 2019 results include children born between 01/01/2004 - 12/31/2006.


Measure Description:

  • HPV Vaccine Series Initiated - Not Completed: Has received at least one dose of the HPV vaccine series, but has not completed the series. This category excludes individuals that have received a completed HPV vaccine series.
  • Complete HPV Vaccine Series: Has received all of the required doses of the HPV vaccine series based upon the age criteria. This category excludes individuals that have not received a complete HPV vaccine series.
  • Patients in IRIS: The number of patient records in IRIS for Iowa residents.
  • County Population of 13-15 Year Olds: The Number of 13-15 Year Olds in the County, based on census estimates.
  • HPV Vaccine Comparison: Comparing the percent of population with complete HPV vaccine series or HPV vaccine series initiated but not complete to the percent of population up-to-date with other adolescent vaccines, Meningococcal and Td/Tdap. This tab shows the disparities between HPV and other vaccinations in the adolescent platform.

Measure Calculations:

  • Rate of selected HPV Vaccine Measure by Adolescents in IRIS: The number of adolescents with Complete HPV Vaccine Series or Series Initiated- Not Completed divided by the number of patient records in IRIS.
  • Rate of selected HPV vaccine Measure by County Population: The number of adolescents with Complete HPV Vaccine Series or Series Initiated –Not Completed divided by the County Population of 13-15 Year Olds.
  • Census Population with IRIS Record: The percent of the Census population with patient record in IRIS, calculated as the number of patient records in IRIS divided by the county Census population. This measure demonstrates the completeness of IRIS data and representation of the county population in IRIS.

Data Notes:

  • The Iowa Department of Public Health began calculating HPV vaccination coverage in both females and males starting in 2013.
  • An individual may have an “unknown” gender when gender is not indicated on the patient record in IRIS. Gender is not a required field in IRIS.
  • Complete HPV Vaccine Series and HPV Vaccine Series Initiated, Not Complete are distinct and non-overlapping categories.

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