Child Care Immunization Audits Data

While the data in this report demonstrate trends, childcare audit data do not provide a full picture of all children’s immunization history. Vaccination and exemption status reflects the child's status at the time of assessment. Some children may be in the process of receiving required vaccines and final vaccination or exemption status may change after completion of the audit (Provisional Certificates, Medical Exemptions and invalid records). In addition, some students with exemptions may have received some of the required vaccines.

Measure Description:

  • Number of Certificates: The number of children that have the Certificate Type selected.
  • Total Enrolled: The total number of children enrolled by selected criteria (state or county).

Measure Calculations:

  • Percent of Certificates: The percent of students that have the Certificate Type selected. Calculated as a percent of Certificate Type divided by the total enrollment for selected criteria.
  • Valid Immunization Certificates: Total number of students compliant with Iowa law (sum of valid Certificate of Immunization, Provisional Certificate of Immunization, and Certificate of Immunization Exemption [Medical or Religious]) divided by the total enrollment for selected criteria.

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