Adult Past Year Prescription Opioid Misuse Data

In the BRFSS survey, a state-added question on past year prescription opioid misuse was included. Survey participants who took any prescription opioid medication were asked “In the past year, did you take any of the opioid pain medications more frequently or in higher doses than directed by a doctor?”

The prevalence estimate is the percent of BRFSS respondents who took any prescription opioid pain relievers in the past year and answered “Yes” that they took the medication in a higher frequency or dose than what was prescribed by a doctor.
Due to small counts of BRFSS estimates, demographic categories were collapsed and some data were suppressed to protect the BRFSS participants.

For assistance or information about opioid-related issues, contact Your Life Iowa at 855-581-8111, texting 855-895-TEXT (8398), or visit www.yourlifeiowa.org. Your Life Iowa offers free and confidential support for those in need, or concerned about others.

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