Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Data

The number of Iowa residents who filled a prescription for benzodiazepines, opioids, stimulant prescriptions, and other schedule II, III, and IV controlled substances per 10,000 population, with at least 1 prescription submitted to the PMP in a calendar year.

Use the filters and tabs to see the different data visualizations. Available tabs: age, gender, average length of prescription in days, map displaying the average number of days for prescription by county with year filter.

To select multiple counties click on the first county of choice, then press the Control (Ctrl) key, click on the other counties to be included in the selection. To reset the map to its initial state where all counties are displayed, click on a blank area outside the map.

Opiate Antagonist data prior to 2020 is not available. Reportable controlled substances include only Schedule II-IV for 2014-2020 data.

Measures are defined above the visualization. Additional help can be found in the Help Section.

To download a data table click on the Title Text of the data table, click "Download" on the right below the data visualization, click "Crosstab" from the listed file formats, and click "Download". A '.csv' file will then download and can be opened in a text or spreadsheet application.