Data Management

data management

The Iowa Public Health Data website provides information on other ways to access IDPH data. IDPH maintains more than 50 datasets containing various types of health-related information, only a few of which are displayed on the portal. Not all data are available for release to the public and may contain confidential information. For a list of IDPH datasets, please Contact Us.

Some data that contain small count sizes or personally identifiable information may be requested from IDPH, but require an agreement for release. All data agreements are coordinated through the Data Management Program. Separate processes exist for research and non-research related data requests. Please review IDPH Data Requests for more information about this process.

IDPH also maintains a Research Agenda to inform and further our mission. The Research Agenda contains suggestions to researchers interested in pursuing objectives that are relevant to the Department’s work to protect and improve the health of Iowans.