tracking awareness week

This week, July 12-16, 2021, we are celebrating Tracking Awareness. Iowa is one of 25 states and 1 city that is part of the National Tracking Network, created in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to make environmental and health data available to the public on the Iowa Public Health Tracking portal.

Throughout the week, we will highlight

  • Tracking and Sharing Unique Data on Immunizations, Lyme Disease and Oral Health
  • Expanding Partnerships with the Iowa Pharmacy Board
  • Responding to COVID-19
  • Environmental Justice through data sets
  • Celebrating Success with the Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy and the University of Iowa College of Public health


Unique Tracking Data

As part of the Tracking Network, Iowa contributes certain standardized health and environmental data to the CDC.  The Iowa Public Health Tracking portal also provides unique data that is important to our local partners as well such as immunization, Lyme disease progression and oral health data. The unique data currently tracked includes:


Expanding Tracking Partnerships

Iowa Public Health Tracking is continually expanding partnerships to help lead, develop, support, and implement innovative programs that protect and improve community health. Since August 2019, Tracking has partnered with several Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) programs to display their data on the portal. These partnerships such as the Iowa Pharmacy Board formed have resulted in the following IDPH program data being added to the portal:

General Health Status

  • Good General Health Data
  • Poor Physical Health Data
  • Poor Mental Health Data

Hepatitis C

  • Newly Diagnosed Cases Data


  • Adult Overweight and Obesity Data

Substance Use and Misuse

  • Adult Substance Abuse Data
  • Youth Substance Abuse Data
  • Prescription Monitoring Program Data


  • Youth Tobacco Use


Responding to COVID-19

The work the Iowa Tracking Portal team does affects all Iowans. From healthcare providers to everyday citizens, the data we collect and publish is for all Iowans concerned about their environment and health including COVID vaccine administration and allocation data, vaccine provider information, and including total doses administered by county.


Environmental Justice

The Iowa Tracking Program gathers data and information that are needed to make decisions about our environment and our health, including personal, community regulatory and public health decisions. Using this data, public health professionals can easily assess unusual trends and events to determine which communities may be at risk.


Celebrating Success

Iowa is one of the 26 tracking programs here in the US. What does that mean? It means we are passionate about sharing public health information and data that can improve your life and your community’s well-being. The Environmental Tracking Team is currently partnering with the Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy and the University of Iowa College of Public health to help train individuals on how to analyze the data available on the portal. Find out more by visiting our website at https://tracking.idph.iowa.gov/.