People & Community

Understanding our communities is essential to understanding population health. Health equity is having the environmental, social, economic and other conditions in which all people have the opportunity to achieve their highest possible level of health. The first step in achieving this is to understand the populations served and basic demographic and health information.

The Iowa Tracking Network includes People & Community data on the following topics:

baby names

Baby Names

Naming a baby is hard, and we’re here to help. See what baby names are popular in Iowa, how names’ popularity have changed over time, and how unique the names are in your county.



The IDPH Vital Records program records around 30,000 deaths in Iowa each year. Cause of death information provides a view of the overall health status of a population. It suggests what diseases and conditions should be of public health concern and provides guidance on health priorities.



Certain factors, like gender or age, can influence health or risk for disease. Population characteristics can help determine the possible impact of health problems and disease patterns over time and across locations.

reproduction and birth

Reproduction and Birth

The IDPH Vital Records program records around 40,000 births in Iowa on an annual basis. These data provide important and interesting information about the health and social environment of our youngest citizens.