Violence is a significant public health issue, and is preventable. Comprehensive strategies that address individual, family, and neighborhood risks for violence can lead to community-wide and long-lasting reductions.

Measure Description:

  • AAR (per 10k) is the total number of deaths for each cause per 10,000 population. Age adjustment to the 2000 Standard US Census is done to allow direct comparison of rates in counties and state with different population age distributions.
  • ‘Sex’ is identified by the death certificate informant, who is usually related to the deceased by lineage or marriage.
  • Categories of diseases are based on ICD-10 mortality coding. Homicide deaths include all types of deadly assault, including firearms. More information about the specific codes contained in this measure can be found here.
  • Homicide deaths are rare events. Some counties will not have homicide data that can be displayed because confidentiality and privacy standards in Iowa prevent the display of data when there are 5 or fewer homicide deaths in a year at either the state or county level.

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